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Dear Mr/Ms President of the Municipal Assembly of Lisbon,

We ask that a network of bike lanes be built in Lisbon’s Baixa.

We chose to travel by bicycle but we fear for our lives each time we go through Lisbon’s Baixa, as we are forced to do so in the middle of traffic, surrounded by honking cars that put our lives in danger. We are in continuous fear of falling into the pot holes and getting caught in the tram rails. We feel absolutely unsafe.

Baixa is the heart of our city, connecting all the neighbourhoods of Lisbon with the Tagus river. It represents who we are, it is where we all cross paths. We all mix here: visitors and locals, businessmen and tourists. It is the most desirable part of the city, and it must be safe, humane and welcoming to all of us.

We want bike lanes in Lisbon’s Baixa because we want to cycle safely along the major city arteries.

North - South:
  • A bike lane along the Avenida de Liberdade that connects Avenida da República with Rossio
  • A bike lane that connects Rossio with Praça da Figueira and Cais das Colunas

East - West:
  • A bike lane that connects Campo das Cebolas with Ribeira das Naus

Building these bike lanes means protecting our lives, our health, our environment and our cultural heritage. Building these bike lanes is making a step towards truly green Lisbon.

Petitioners: Pedro Ramos, Lisboa Possível

7 February 2022

Launching the petition - 7 February 2022

(video in Portuguese)

Press about our petition

Jornal de Noticias
23 Feb 2022

Submitting the petition - 27 April 2022

Rita Prates (with signatures on paper), Ksenia Ashrafullina (with digital signatures on a flash drive) e Pedro Ramos before entering the Municipal Assembly of Lisbon

We presented our petition at the Lisbon Municipal Assembly - 3 june 2022

Ksenia Ashrafullina, Diogo Machado, Rita Prates and Pedro Ramos prepared these slides. We chose to appeal to our rights to liberty and safety, as the Constitution of the Portuguese Republic guarantees in its article 27. Bicycle lanes should not be a partisan issue. No deputy was sent to sleep:)

We received an official response from head of mobility, Ângelo Pereira, to our speech about the Petition at the Lisbon Municipal Assembly - 13 setembro 2022

TLDR: no need to have bicycle lanes on Avenida de Liberdade, because there is already a "cycling connection" 30+Bici. The Lisbon bicycle network plan includes cycling channels from Rossio to Cais das Colunas, the best solution in need of analysis.
The response we got on Sept 13th, 2022

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