We do not work with models – only role models. All we earn, we invest in urban action.

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We get things done. We close streets to cars and open them to kids. We double the green of the streetlights for pedestrians. We help save entire bike lanes. When you get a Cravo Bravo, you invest in our urban actions. You accelerate the Possible Lisbon you and us want to live in.
girls that care

We have partnered with Humana second-hand stores to give another chance to 50 unique pieces by stamping our iconic image on them. We have also designed and produced 100% organic cotton t-shirts, without any dye, in Guimarães, Portugal.

Fashion is one of the most pollutant industries. Hence our first collection for girls that care is made of second-hand pieces we rescued from Humana, our partner. These are the tops that have proved to be the most resistant – just like you.

boys that care
New 100% organic cotton t-shirts produced by adults in Guimarães, Portugal. No dye, raw-coloured.

boys that care
Producing t-shirts ethically in Portugal has its costs, this is why we are kindly asking for a minimum of 40 euros, so that we have enough funds to invest in our urban actions. We will get in touch with you to deliver the piece into your hands in Lisbon, or we send it to you by post (no worries, it is on us). Doubts?
Why are your boys' t-shirts not second hand?
We discovered that men rarely take their clothes to second hand stores. Hence we partnered with a top quality factory in Guimarães, Portugal, called Tictel, where we produced our new, 100% organic cotton t-shirts.